Stories from the Pink for a Girl community

What we've tried: what worked, what didn't

May '06: Infertility is one of those things that affects so many people but yet is eclipsed by so many other things – nature of the beast being that its something that people don’t like to talk about, so is easy to ignore. I also can’t help feeling that its seen as a middle class problem and so people are left to fend for themselves through private means, 3 years on the NHS IVF waiting list and 5 years after original referral is what lead us to private IVF treatment, against our belief in the NHS, we came to our decision based on my age and the fact that if we didn’t get on with it, our chances would drop even further and thankfully we could afford it (incidentally, our first NHS IVF treatment meeting has just come up). I have to say that despite our very fortunate position (although I won’t settle until I have the baby in my arms), I still find reading about fertility issues as painful as before and I have really grown to resent some of the treatment and insensitive manner in which we were handled at times. Never once were we offered any counselling. Had it not been for the strength of our relationship, I truly believe that we wouldn’t have made it so far. (Ali, Manchester)

Jan '06: We'd been trying for a baby for a couple of years. We'd had some fertility treatment - drugs and IUI - and decided to have a break before trying IVF. We ate more healthily - organic stuff, loads of fruit and veg, multi-vitamins - cut down on alcohol and I tried the herbal remedy, Agnus Castus. And I got pregnant! (Caroline, Huddersfield)