Tortue Rouge


The Tortue Rouge Elixirs For Life are a development of the work of Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936), creator of the Bach Flower Remedies. Developed by our team of specialists, they offer subtle yet powerful emotional healing, solace and stress relief in a wide variety of situations. Elixirs For Life are 100% safe and natural and of the highest possible quality. They are not drugs, tranquillisers or herbal medicines. They cannot cause side effects or drowsiness, and can be taken alongside any kind of food or medication. These products are not a treatment for physical illness and are not a substitute for medical attention should this be required.

When acute stress leaves you tense and breathless. Use Crisis when:
- stressful situations make you feel irritable, worried, disorientated or panic-stricken.
- your nerves are feeling frazzled.
- you are anxious about a coming situation or event.
The Crisis elixir is for those times of acute stress, pressing anxiety, shock or distress when we need to keep a level head and remain cool. It will promote calmness and emotional recovery after a stressful incident such as a minor car bump, receiving bad news, a difficult day at work, or to calm you down after an argument. It can help to relieve panic attacks or quieten the nerves if we are worried about some impending event that we are not looking forward to, such as a visit to the dentist. Use Crisis as a general helper for all the little stressful events that crop up in your daily life and work. Crisis is the ideal thing to have in your bag or pocket "just in case".

When pessimistic feelings block out interest in life and health. Use Hope when:
- you feel your strength and courage failing in difficult times
- there seems to be no prospect of joy in the future
-your days seem dark and joyless
Hope is what we need when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Unforeseen events, a run of bad luck, a period of gloom, a sense of overwhelming adversity, a loss or bereavement, the breakup of a relationship - all these things can take their toll on us psychologically and make life seem a very joyless place. If we are too run down emotionally, over time this can actually have an adverse effect on physical health as well. Hope helps to give faith and courage in the face of life's dark times, to uplift the spirits and give us the strength to move forward towards brighter, happier days. Hope can also help to brighten the spirits of people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when a lack of sunshine and the endless gloomy days of winter bring us down. Hope helps us look to the future with a sense of positive optimism.

When it feels like mood swings control your life and bring you down. As a woman, use Moods when:
- you experience mood swings, irritability, annoyance and tension
- menstruation leaves you feeling physically and emotionally drained and tired
- you feel that your moods are in control of your life
The Moods elixir is designed to help women with the common emotional problems associated with the phases in a woman's life. From puberty, through the years of the menstrual cycle, through the experience of motherhood and on to the menopause, a woman goes through many changes and may experience quite a variety of emotional ups and downs. Many women suffer from tension, feelings of gloom and mood swings each month, and often feel that these moods are gaining control of their lives, sometimes with a detrimental effect on relationships, work and family life. They may also suffer from a poor body image, feeling unattractive around the time of menstruation. Based on years of research, this elixir has been specially formulated to help women cope with negative feelings such as irritability and feeling "uptight", weepiness, changeability, and dejection. Moods can help women to regain more balance in their feelings, help them cope more positively with the many changing faces of womanhood, and help make them feel better about life in general.

This secret formula is based on years of research into the ways that gentle natural therapies can help to enhance loving relationships. Romance promotes closeness, relaxation, sensitivity and warmth. It is made using specially prepared all-natural, all organic plant and mineral components whose vibrant energy acts to soothe and relax and open up the channels for love. Mist around the room to act as a mood enhancer. It will help relax you and create an intimate atmosphere of togetherness. It can also help as a gentle remedy for couples who feel they are not communicating or relating as closely as they used to.

Hydrosols (or hydrolats) are created when aromatic plants are steam distilled. They are pure, water-based solutions obtained when the hot vapours condense, forming layers of essential oil and water. Some plants are distilled specifically for the hydrosol and not the essential oil and this is the case with our witch hazel. When produced in this way the hydrosols are thought to be more potent. Suzanne Catty, author of Hydrosols - The Next Aromatherapy, has identified minerals in hydrosols that are not found in the corresponding essential oils. Hydrosols have been used for over 6,000 years, to soften the skin and soothe the mind. Tortue Rouge has taken this ancient knowledge and produced a range of organic hydrosols for use in the bath, for skin care, facial toners, air fresheners and much more.

Ideal for all skin types as it moisturises, tones and restores the skin's pH balance. Rose hydrosol has a history that goes back several hundred years, but much of the rose water currently available is a prepared product consisting of water to which fragrant materials, and occasionally alcohol, have been added. Its gentle fortifying and calming action make it ideal at times of stress and anxiety, particularly after bereavement or loss. Has proved effective in assisting with PMS, moods and menopausal symptoms. Traditionally used to keep a clear complexion, rose hydrosol adds and retains moisture and so is suitable for dry, mature, sensitive and devitalised skin. It lends itself to masks, compresses, sprays and baths.